Businesses incur significant recurring monthly costs for rigid bandwidth leased lines used purely for the inter-connection of PBXs and tele-com switches. The IPTube-GT1 provides the ability to interconnect existing phone systems over flexible bandwidth lines that are used to carry data, voice, and video. Voice Only Leased Line Toll charges assessed by long distance and local carriers are eliminated by transporting voice and fax traffic across the enterprise intranet, LAN, MAN or WAN.
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 IP•Tube GT1

The most compelling option for the interconnection of T1 based systems is when it can be accomplished over a Local Area Network. The deployment of Fiber based LANS such as FDDI and Gigabit Ethernet, provides organizations with high performance and high quality bandwidth that is especially well suited for the interconnection of PBXs and Telecom Switches.
Wide Area Networks, that have sufficient bandwidth and Quality of Service provisioning, facilitate a very very significant cost savings especially for Multinational Corporations. The IP•Tube GT1C, a model with lossless data compression, detects idle and redundant data within each voice circuit resulting in a 56 to 1 bandwidth savings. WAN bandwidth is not consumed by silence or redundant circuits.
IP Cellullar Back Haul
IP•Tube GT1s are used to provide transparent interconnection of the base stations (BTSs), base station controllers (BSCs) and mobile switching centers (MSCs) over IP/Ethernet packet-switched networks. Supported access media include fiber, coax and fixed wireless. Cellular phone service providers are able to save substantially by converting to a packet-switch network from circuit TDM lease lines. The IP•Tube GT1 has the duplicate packets transmission and reception feature that provides for resilient performance through a lossy interconnect.
Wireless Ethernet
Connecting phone systems across a wireless Ethernet connection has a return on investment that is measured in weeks. Eliminating the wired connection for the T1 based communication equipment is made possible with the IP•Tube’s T1 Over Ethernet capability.

IP/Ethernet Service Providers
Companies, that are able to provide IP/Ethernet access networks generate new revenue by offering traditional T1
leased line and private line services, such as:

Cable Operators
Cable operators connect traditional T1 leased line and private line services over their hybrid fiber coax (HFC) cable networks.
Metropolitan Area Networks
Metropolitan carriers with IP or Broadband Ethernet access networks deliver traditional leased and private line services.
Utilities generate new revenue by offering traditional T1 leased line and private line services over their fiber or power line networks.

CLEC PBX Back Haul
The IP•Tube GT1 provides CLECs with a way to back haul T1 DS0s from a customer’s phone systems over their Internet connection. The back hauled DS0s are connected to the CLECs phone switch for connection to the Public Switched Telephone Networks. Competitive Local Exchange Carriers are able to provide customers with a very economical alternative to the local Phone Company since the Local Loop charges for each phone line are consolidated.
Incumbent Carriers
Telcos reduce costs by delivering profitable leased and private line services over their flexible Ethernet infrastructures.
International Toll Bypass
The IP•Tube GT1’s most dramatic cost savings is when it is used for the international interconnections of TDM based telecommunication equipment. The IP•Tube E1 is interoperable with the European TDM standard E1.
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