Engage Serial-Over-IP Technology Selected for Satellite System Upgrade


Engage collaborates with prime contractor on a serial-over-IP upgrade to satellite system

Satellite communication systems have long played a key role in military and peacekeeping operations. As technology has improved in recent decades, the components have become more capable and the systems more flexible. The system developed by this prime contractor is an example of how to leverage investment in an existing platform by integrating ever-more modern technology.


In this case, the original system configuration had been deployed for well over a decade. It is a self-contained unit designed for fast all-terrain, and all-weather deployment. Using the satellite link, the system enables direct voice, video and data communications to anywhere in the world.

The introduction of new communications technology and the desire to expand the system’s functionality led the contractor to newly evaluate its capabilities. Engage Communication was selected to provide hardware, software and expertise to meet the newly upgraded system specifications.

The Right Vendor to Deliver a Rugged and Fully Customizable Solution

Engage’s IPTube was selected for serial-over-IP conversion, according to the Program Manager, due to its environmental robustness and Engage’s willingness to customize its final configuration.

“This communications system must operate irrespective of weather and environmental conditions. This means total reliability despite extreme variations in temperature, humidity, shock, and vibration. Fortunately, the IPTube’s design was exactly what we were looking for.” 

Engage’s modifications, including multiple hardware and software design changes, to the IPTube configuration allowed the contractor to meet the government’s upgraded performance requirements. This responsiveness included on-site collaboration.

“Engage’s willingness and commitment to delivering an absolutely rock solid IPTube configuration helped us finalize what we ultimately delivered to the government. Their commitment included sending personnel to our R&D facilities, which helped us greatly during the prototyping phase.”

A Mission Critical Experience

With the system now in use around the world, the IPTubes are doing their job every day.

Overall, Engage provides great customer service and a solid product. The IPTubes have proven to be very robust, stable, and super reliable after deployment in the field.”

Defense contractor

A leading prime contractor providing communication solutions for military applications

“Engage is a great company to work with, and a real partner. They’re super responsive, innovative and helped us meet our program deadlines and cost targets,”

Program Manager
Prime Defense Contractor