Engage IP Tubes Report for Duty with the United States Department of Defense


“Engage’s IPTube GT1 was judged to be the best TDM over IP option for this system.”  

- Tim Carney
   Vice President
   ACG Systems


  • US Department of Defense (DoD) specifies Engage’s IP-Tube T1-over-IP technology in new portable communications system
  • Sub-contractor ACG integrates IPTube GT1 into ruggedized microwave kits for DoD Service Branch
  • IPTube GT1 enables encrypted voice communication during tactical and training operations


Meeting United States Department of Defense Standards

The United States Department of Defense develops rigorous standards for equipment and systems intended for deployment in tactical engagements and forward operating zones. Meet them and you can rightfully boast that your equipment and components are among the best of the best. Engage Communication’s IPTube GT1 product is on the list thanks to the efforts of systems integrator ACG Systems of Annapolis, MD.

ACG Systems recently delivered the first shipment of Engage IP Tube hardware to a leading Prime Contractor for a new Department of Defense communication system. The system provides portable microwave communications required during early operations in combat theaters, as well as pre-combat training exercises.

Engage Communication’s IP-Tube GT1 helps ensure soldiers like this advance scout can communicate securely during combat or training exercises.

A New System That’s Bigger, Faster, & Stronger

Portable communications networks are designed for deployments in the beginning of conflicts and missions before permanent infrastructure can be installed. The new system replaces an obsolete version that offered lower data rates and shorter effective distances.

The Prime’s system is based on deployable communications kits. Each kit, ruggedized, with spares and instructions included, comprises one end of a wireless communications (microwave) link. Combine two kits, installed on adjacent mountaintops, for example, and you have a network not unlike a wired LAN.

The network equipment is designed to provide reliable communication in extremely harsh and rough conditions. Each kit is self-contained, ready for fast deployment and setup, and able to transmit or receive encrypted voice and data communication. Engage’s IPTube GT1 enables encrypted voice communication across the airwaves.

Making the Selection

“The Department of Defense Service Branches are very good, and very thorough when developing standards, and then evaluating equipment and components to those standards. They do multiple vendor comparisons, and pick the very best,” says ACG Systems Vice President Tim Carney. “Engage’s IPTube GT1 was judged to be the best TDM over IP technology for voice transport in this system, and was therefore included in the spec. It’s a great product, and definitely a testament to Engage’s product engineering and manufacturing capabilities.”

Available through ACG Systems’ GSA Schedule, the IPTube GT1 is just one of Engage’s circuit emulation models that enable secure T1/E1 voice communications over IP.

Secure and reliable microwave communications help soldiers return safely to their forward operating bases.

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