Helping Transport Voice Securely from Coast to Coast


Engage Communication’s vast TDM-over-IP expertise and solutions helped ACG Systems win a federal law enforcement agency contract to transport voice across the nation. Product features and ease-of-configuration were keys to winning the GSA Schedule bid.

“Engage’s mastery of products that provide TDM-over-IP transport helped us win a competitive bid with one of the largest Federal law enforcement agencies.” 

- Tim Carney
   Vice President
   ACG Systems

Transporting Voice Securely Over IP

Systems Integrator ACG Systems has tapped into opportunities within federal and state governments, law enforcement agencies and the armed forces for years.

ACG’s expertise in designing telecom and networking solutions has led to numerous customer wins including one of the largest Federal law enforcement agencies. Two years ago, it won a competitive GSA Schedule bid to provide a TDM-over-IP transport solution for the agency. The solution was national in scale.

The agency’s activities cover all 50 states. Its field staff continually collects information and sends it back to a central processing site. The RFP described a solution that would ensure reliable and secure transport of voice traffic over an IP network, ease-of-implementation-and-operation, and options to minimize network bandwidth requirements. 

Configurability and Compression Both Key

ACG Systems proposed a solution featuring the Engage IPTube GT1, part of Engage’s circuit emulation product offering. The IPTube GT1 enables reliable T1/E1 voice communications over IP, ideal for the agency’s need to transport voice traffic over IP from dozens of remote sites throughout the country to a central processing location. To reduce the amount of Ethernet bandwidth necessary to handle the traffic, ACG requested that Engage configure the IP-Tubes with Lossless Data Compression.

Implementation was friction free. The agency requested several evaluation units to test. One of the key features that became apparent during testing was that the IPTube’s customizability allowed the agency to create a single configuration that worked at all sites. A single setting would greatly simplify and lower the cost of installation and management. After the agency validated the equipment, IPTubes were installed at well over 100 locations across the country.

TDM-over-IP Mastery

Engage’s mastery of products that provide TDM-over-IP transport helped us create a solution that won us a very competitive bid with one of the largest Federal law enforcement agencies,” said ACG Systems Vice President Tim Carney. “Robust, feature-rich, easy-to-install and -operate, the IPTube products solve a wide variety of telecommunications problems. We continue to provide them to government customers for a variety of applications.”