Engage products quickly benefit the following types of organizations:
Internet Service Providers
Local Exchange Providers
• Gov. Agencies/Municipalities
Education Facility Networks
PrePress/Large File Transfer
Advertising Agencies
Multimedia Publishers

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Engage Communication develops, manufactures, sells and supports premium Networking and Communication Solutions.

Evolutionary Voice Over IP
The IPTube’s T1 Over IP or E1 Over IP connection provides for the transparent interconnection of PBXs, Telecom Switches, Cell Base Stations, PRI Phone Switches and TDM based communication systems via LANs, WANs, MANs, and Wireless Ethernet links.              

Transparent Bandwidth Regulated IP Tunnel
The IPTube-RS530 encapsulates synchronous serial data from standard RS530 Data Terminal Equipment or Data Communication Equipment such as Encryptors, Terminal Servers, Video Codecs, and WAN Routers into a Transparent Bandwidth Regulated IP Tunnel.

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