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Why Engage


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Convert Telecom Interface to IP
TDM to Ethernet Converters
Land Mobile Radios to Ethernet
Channel Banks Circuits to Packet Nets
Redundant Data Center
Mission Critical Infrastructure Circuits
Automatic Protection Switching
Land Mobile Radio Redundancy
Cryptographic Keys
Critical Information
Data in Transit
Voice, Video, & Data

Why Engage?

Why choose Engage Communication to help you? 

There are a lot of telecom, networking, and network security vendors. Most of them, frankly, don’t look much different than the next guy. Yet, Engage stands out. We’re different.

We innovate. We engineer. We deliver products and solutions that will work whenever called upon. That’s why companies and governments that can choose anyone choose Engage. Here are five reasons why you should talk to us:

  1. We’re Experienced.

We’ve been around a long time, over a quarter century. We’ve seen technical standards proposed, debated, adopted, and later replaced by still-newer standards. In the early 90s, we developed one of the first routers that helped make the Appletalk protocol successful. We developed WAN solutions that left modems (56/64 kilobits vs 9.6k) in the dust. Years later, we were one of the early innovators in enabling circuit-based traffic to be transported over IP networks. Our background and track record mean that we will quickly understand your needs, and propose solutions that will work.

 2. We’ve Got Deep Roots in Telecom and Networking.

Engage was founded by telecom and networking professionals. We initially focused on frame relay, ISDN, T1 and E1 WAN Networking. In 1999, we introduced our IP-Tube product line to enable seamless transport of circuit traffic over IP networks. Initially a technology used to reduce the cost of cellular backhaul, our circuit emulation solutions are now found in military, utility, enterprise, government and other industries. Ten years ago, we started working on encryption methodologies to protect voice and data, and have become experts in both circuit and Ethernet encryption.

 3. We Focus on Customer ROI—Not our ROI.

We make money by delivering equipment and solutions that save our customers money. Whether its eliminating leased line telecom circuits; extending the life of military encryption gear; efficiently switching utility SCADA traffic to a backup control center; or encrypting sensitive voice, video and data for secure communication; we help our customers meet their network, capital, and operational cost objectives.

 4. We’re Agile and Responsive.

We’re an agile company. In fact, one of our mantras is “Only the Agile Survive.” We’ve learned from working with customers across the globe that many require specialized functionality that extends or complements our standard product capabilities. We love being responsive to these requests because we know that the willingness and the ability to customize are key differentiators.

 5. We’re Encryption Experts.

From supporting our customers’ networking and connectivity needs, we saw the promise of encryption to ensure security across networks. We started working on encryption solutions in 2004, releasing our first commercial, off-the-shelf T1 encryption appliance in 2005. After that, we tackled Ethernet encryption. We’ve continued to innovate, and are currently finalizing a solution for the inherent disadvantages of soft cryptography.


What People Say after Choosing Engage

“Engage Communication is a great partner for a systems integrator like us. They‘re responsive and our personalities match up well. They have excellent product engineering and manufacturing capabilities, and deliver technology solutions that meet the needs of our customers.”

-Tim Carney
Vice President
ACG Systems

The IP-Tube product is sophisticated and reliable, and is the only component that has never failed in the seven years we’ve been operating our LMR satellite backup solution in multiple states.” 

- Greg Heifner
ODN, Inc


“Ease of use is off the charts. With a single Engage IP-Tube configuration, we can bring up sites using Conitel at 1200 BPS, and sites using DNP3 at 9600 BPS. Engage calls this transparent SCADA transport. I call it amazing.”
- Network Engineer
Southern Utility



For specific examples of how Engage Communication meets the needs of demanding customers and partners, please visit Solutions   or Products.